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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Directorate of Primary Education

In 1981, a separate Directorate, named "Directorate of Primary Education" was discovered. This Directorate was created so as to streamline universal primary education and strengthen the infrastructure. The Directorate is headed by the Director General. within the Directorate, there are 5 Divisions every headed by a Director. The Task and responsibilities of the Division are as follows:

Administration Division: The responsibilities of this division embrace general administration of the central and field offices. This division coordinates among the Divisional, District and Upazila Offices and also the PTIs.

Planning & Development Division: The responsibilities of this division are drawing from varied development comes on priority basis to impact general and gradual development of primary education within the lightweight of presidency policies, obtaining approval of comes, implementation, evaluation, supervision and finishing up of completed comes. This division conducts the preparation of development budget, disbursement and allocation of funds and redistribution of foreign externally assisted funds. It conjointly monitors, reviews and coordinates the activities of various comes.

Training Division : The responsibilities of this division are to figure for qualitative improvement of primary education, to create up competent and economical teacher for the classroom and college management. To do this, the division assesses coaching wants of the academics further because the officers at totally different levels, attracts out planes and implements coaching of PTI academics and instructors, varied short-cluster coaching of SMC and Parent. academics Association (PTA), workers members, sub-cluster coaching. Curriculum dissemination courses and orientation courses, management, coaching for the top academics and short in service coaching for academics.

Monitoring and analysis Division: This Division collects knowledge on primary education from the sphere level. Analyses the collected knowledge and publishes quarterly and annual reports. alternative responsibilities are: storage and distribution of textbooks, supervision of faculties at the sphere level, sending of reports associated with these areas to MOPME.

Policy and Operation Division: this is often a newly created Division. This Division is to blame for analysis of the progress of field level activities and onward transmission of identical to the executive ministry for next course of action.

It is conjointly to blame for recruitment of academics at central level. Besides, this Division plays the advisory role to create field level administrative activities simpler

Management data System Cell (MIS Cell): there's a separate cell within the Directorate for assortment of information on selected primary education indicators. This cell is additionally to blame for computerizing and to develop an information bank.

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